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An introduction to the biocomplexity of Sanak Island, western gulf Alaska
Pacific Science
  • HD G Maschner
  • M Betts
  • J Cornell
  • B Finney
  • J A Dunne
  • Nancy Huntly, Utah State University
  • J W Jordan
  • N Misarti
  • K L Reedy-Maschner
  • R Russell
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The Sanak Biocomplexity Project is a transdisciplinary research effort focused on a small island archipelago 50 km south of the Alaska Peninsula in the western Gulf of Alaska. This team of archaeologists, terrestrial ecologists, social anthropologists, intertidal ecologists, geologists, oceanographers, paleoecologists, and modelers is seeking to understanding the role of the ancient, historic, and modern Aleut in the structure and functioning of local and regional ecosystems. Using techniques ranging from systematic surveys to stable isotope chemistry, long-term shifts in social dynamics and ecosystem structure are present in the context of changing climatic regimes and human impacts. This paper presents a summary of a range of our preliminary findings.


More authors: A Tews, S Wood, B Benson

Citation Information
Maschner HDG, M Betts, J Cornell, B Finney, JA Dunne, N Huntly, JW Jordan, N Misarti*, KL Reedy-Maschner, R Russell, A Tews*, S Wood*, B Benson*. 2009. An introduction to the biocomplexity of Sanak Island, western gulf of Alaska. Pacific Science 63: 673-709