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JOE's Niche in the Extension Scholarship Movement
Journal of Extension
  • Nancy K. Franz, Iowa State University
  • Celvia E. Stovall, Alabama A&M University
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Extension's sustainability is tied to relationships with academia. Now more than ever, Extension faculty and staff need to integrate their work into the aims of their university to gain credibility, relevance, and support. This requires Extension workers to more deeply and widely document and share the scholarship of their work with academics and stakeholders. Extension workers should look more often to the Journal of Extension as the premier Extension journal in North America to help address this need. The journal provides a number of factors and services that contribute to developing and sustaining a culture of Extension scholarship.

This article is from Journal of Extension 50 (2012): 5COM2. Posted with permission.

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Extension Journal, Inc.
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Nancy K. Franz and Celvia E. Stovall. "JOE's Niche in the Extension Scholarship Movement" Journal of Extension Vol. 50 Iss. 5 (2012) p. 5COM2
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