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About Nancy Easterlin

Nancy Easterlin has been an active member of the UNO English Department since 1991. As an interdisciplinary scholar who has become a prominent advocate of cognitive and evolutionary approaches to literature over the past twenty years, she has addressed many of the key concerns raised by scholarship between the humanities and sciences. These include the foundation of knowledge, the genesis of meaning, and the determination of aesthetic value. The purpose of engaging with research in cognitive science and evolutionary studies is to enhance the core activity of literary studies, literary interpretation, as well as our general understanding of literature’s function. In her forthcoming book, A Biocultural Approach to Literary Theory and Interpretation (Johns Hopkins, Spring 2012), Easterlin demonstrates the utility of broad-based evolutionary and cognitive knowledge for a range of literary specializations, including new historicism, ecocriticism, cognitive criticism, and evolutionary criticism. Easterlin received a Guggenheim Fellowship for the 2008 calendar year in support of this book project.


Present Research Professor of English, University of New Orleans

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