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Facilitating Telecommuting as a Means of Congestion Reduction, MTI Report 09-14
Mineta Transportation Institute Publications
  • Nancy Da Silva, San Jose State University
  • Meghna Virick
Walls, Safirova and Jiang (2007) note the paucity of studies that examine telecommuting among individuals across organizations and studies that compare telecommuters with non-telecommuters. This study responds to this call by gaining a deeper understanding of telecommuting patterns and adoption behavior through an examination of perceived obstacles and facilitators of telecommuting. The study involved data collection using survey methodology, focus groups, and archival data collection. Respondents include telecommuters and non-telecommuters as well as supervisors from a wide variety of organizations. The study also included collecting benchmarking data regarding telecommuting policies and practices of companies in Silicon Valley in an attempt to understand factors that impact telecommuting.
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Transportation Workforce and Labor
MTI Project
  • Human resources management; Telecommuting; Traffic congestion
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Nancy Da Silva and Meghna Virick. "Facilitating Telecommuting as a Means of Congestion Reduction, MTI Report 09-14" (2010)
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