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The Cambridge Companion to Karl Rahner
Religious Studies Faculty Book Gallery
  • Mary Hines
  • Declan Marmion
  • Nancy Dallavalle, Fairfield University

Co-editors: Mary Hines and Declan Marmion

Contributing author: Nancy Dallavalle

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Book Contribution
Nancy Dallavalle is a contributing author, “Feminist Theologies". Book description: Karl Rahner (1904-1984) was one of the most significant theological voices of the twentieth century. For many his theology symbolizes the Catholic Church's entry into modernity. Part of his enduring appeal lies in his ability to reflect on a variety of issues in theology and spirituality and direct this plurality into a few basic convictions. In addition to the main themes of Rahner's work, this Companion assesses his significance for contemporary theology through dialogues with many current concerns including: religious pluralism, spirituality, postmodernism, ecumenism, ethics and developments in political and feminist theologies.
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Dallavalle, Nancy (2005). “Feminist Theologies,” in Mary Hines and Declan Marmion, eds., The Cambridge Companion to Karl Rahner (Cambridge, 2005) 264-278.


Copyright 2005 Cambridge University Press

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Mary Hines, Declan Marmion and Nancy Dallavalle. "The Cambridge Companion to Karl Rahner" (2005)
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