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Pre-service Teachers’ Beliefs and Knowledge about Multiculturalism
CLDE Faculty Publications
  • Emmanuel O. Acquah, University of Turku
  • Nancy L. Commins, University of Colorado Denver
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The present study examined pre-service teachers’ knowledge of issues related to multiculturalism and diversity before and after taking a multicultural education course. Data from 38 degree students in an urban university in the southwest of Finland were analysed using a mixed method approach. The results indicate that pre-service teachers’ knowledge levels increased with respect to diversity and multicultural education after taking the course. In addition, pre-service teachers felt more competent and prepared to teach students with diverse backgrounds after the exposure. The implications of the findings for teacher education programmes and teacher educators are discussed.
Citation Information
Acquah, E.O. & Commins, N.L. Pre-service Teachers’ Beliefs and Knowledge about Multiculturalism. European Journal of Teacher Education. DOI 10.1080/02619768.2013-787593