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The GOP's Resilience Is Time-Tested
  • Nancy Unger, Santa Clara University
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A party in turmoil. Extreme inner divisions. Name calling. Disastrous speeches. A rogue front-runner. Physical violence. A surprisingly popular socialist opponent. Plots to reclaim party unity at the convention. Although these are all components of the current Republican race for the presidential nomination, they were also integral aspects of GOP campaigns in the past. Dire predictions are on the rise that the party is on the eve of destruction due to unprecedented disunion. History demonstrates, however, that the GOP has weathered a series of cataclysmic campaigns and elections and can pull through once more.

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Unger, N. (2016). The GOP’s Resilience is Time Tested. RealClearPolitics. Reprinted as “The GOP’s Resilience is Time Tested,” History News Network 1 April 2016.