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Pioneering women in Congress aren't guaranteed success
  • Nancy Unger, Santa Clara University
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San Jose Mercury News
Nancy Pelosi is being hailed for ``breaking the marble ceiling'' as the first female speaker of the House. The fact that the number of women serving in Congress is the largest ever is also being cited as a significant breakthrough. But isn't all the celebration of women's triumph in Congress just a tad premature? Our nation remains woefully slow in electing women to Congress. Moreover, the dramatic career of the first woman to put a crack in the marble ceiling when she was elected to the House in 1916 shows that pioneering political women aren't always considered successful by their constituents.
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Unger, N. (2007). Pioneering Women in Congress Aren’t Guaranteed Success. Exclusive for the San Jose Mercury News. Reprinted by permission of the San Jose Mercury News: History News Network and 2 newspapers