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Understanding And Evaluating Research in Applied Clinical Settings
RSEM Faculty Bookshelf
  • George A. Morgan
  • Jeffrey A. Gliner
  • Robert J. Harmon
  • H. C. Kraemer
  • Nancy L. Leech, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver
  • J. J. Vaske
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About this book: Clinically oriented professionals and students need to understand and evaluate the research and statistics in professional articles, especially given today's emphasis on evidence-based practice. This book demonstrates how the research approach and design help determine the appropriate statistical analysis. Understanding and Evaluating Research in Applied and Clinical Settings features: *short, independent, chapters that do not have to be read in order; *a guide to understanding why a particular statistic was selected; *an emphasis on effects sizes including measures of risk potency; *numerous cross-disciplinary examples to illustrate the material; and *methods to help determine practical and clinical significance and their relation to meta-analysis and evidence-based practice. This book is intended for practitioners and students in psychology, education, counseling, mental and allied health, nursing, and medicine, and as a text for courses on understanding research methods and statistics.
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George A. Morgan, Jeffrey A. Gliner, Robert J. Harmon, H. C. Kraemer, et al.. Understanding And Evaluating Research in Applied Clinical Settings. (2005)
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