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Pathways to Teaching: African American Male Teens Explore Teaching as a Career
CLDE Faculty Publications
  • Margarita Bianco, University of Colorado Denver
  • Nancy Leech, University of Colorado Denver
  • Kara Mitchell Viesca, University of Colorado Denver
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The need for African American male teachers is clear; however their pathway to teaching is in disrepair. This article shares research findings and a description of a pre-collegiate course designed to encourage high school students of color, including African American males, to explore teaching. More specifically, drawing from survey and interview data, the researchers examine factors that influence 11th and 12th grade African American males' (N = 5) consideration of a teaching career and explore the impact of a pre-collegiate pathway to teaching program, The results of this mixed methods study expose the complexity of effective recruitment while also demonstrating how a successful program has the capacity to encourage young African American males to reframe their thinking and see themselves as potential future teachers.
Citation Information
Bianco, M., Leech, N., & Mitchell, K. (2011). Pathways to teaching: African American male teens explore urban education. The Journal of Negro Education 80(3), 368-383.