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An Exemplar for Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research
RSEM Faculty Publications
  • Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Sam Houston State University
  • Nancy L. Leech, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver
  • John R. Slate, Sam Houston State University
  • Marcella Stark, Sam Houston State University
  • Bipin Sharma, Sam Houston State University
  • Rebecca K. Frels, Lamar University
  • Kristin Harris, Sam Houston State University
  • Julie P. Combs, Sam Houston State University
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In this article, we outline a course wherein the instructors teach students how to conduct rigorous qualitative research. We discuss the four major distinct, but overlapping, phases of the course: conceptual/theoretical, technical, applied, and emergent scholar. Students write several qualitative reports, called qualitative notebooks, which involve data that they collect (via three different types of interviews), analyze (using nine qualitative analysis techniques via qualitative software), and interpret. Each notebook is edited by the instructors to help them improve the quality of subsequent notebook reports. Finally, we advocate asking students who have previously taken this course to team-teach future courses. We hope that our exemplar for teaching and learning qualitative research will be useful for teachers and students alike. Key Words: Teaching Qualitative Research, Qualitative Research Pedagogy, Qualitative Notebooks.
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Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Nancy L. Leech, John R. Slate, Marcella Stark, et al.. "An Exemplar for Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research" (2012)
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