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Bridging Power Asymmetries in Facilitating Public Participation
Iowa State University Summer Symposium on Science Communication
  • Zulham Sirajuddin, Iowa State University
  • Nancy Grudens-Schuck, Iowa State University
Jean Goodwin
Proceedings Title
Confronting the Challenges of Public Participation in Environmental, Planning, and Health Decision-Making

Participatory approaches to community development and environmental management frequently cause facilitators to encounter dilemmas related to the structure and choice of methods. Because participation does not occur in power vacuum but rather as embedded social and power structures which potentially interfere, these dilemmas underscore the importance of better facilitation structures and techniques to mediate the complexity of disagreements. This paper will review the literature on selecting and applying facilitation methods in Asia, focused on South and Southeast Asia. The analysis includes critical elements for involving marginalized communities in participatory approaches.

Citation Information
Zulham Sirajuddin and Nancy Grudens-Schuck. "Bridging Power Asymmetries in Facilitating Public Participation" (2016)
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