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Rhabdomyoma & Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Naira Matevosyan
Packed with differential-diagnostic guidance, this compact reference offers a practical and organized approach to evaluating a wide range and power specimens of striated and smooth muscles of head and neck, heart, diaphragm, urogenital tract, and extremities. Diagnostic sensitivity and specificity, risk classifications, and prognosis for different subtypes of neoplasia are followed by the briefs of court-visited prima facie suits for the negligent management of these tumors.
  • sarcoma,
  • striated muscle,
  • PAX3 fusion,
  • embryona,
  • alveolar,
  • spinde-cell,
  • batryoid
Publication Date
December, 2015
Citation Information
Naira Matevosyan. Rhabdomyoma & Rhabdomyosarcoma. (2015)
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