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Design of matched zero-index metamaterials using nonmagnetic inclusions in epsilon-near-zero media
Departmental Papers (ESE)
  • Mário Silveirinha, Universidade de Coimbra
  • Nader Engheta, University of Pennsylvania
In this work, we study the electrodynamics of metamaterials that consist of resonant non-magnetic inclusions embedded in an epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) host medium. It is shown that the inclusions can be designed in such a way that both the effective permittivity and permeability of the composite structure are simultaneously zero. Two different metamaterial configurations are studied and analyzed in detail. For a particular class of problems, it is analytically proven that such matched zero-index metamaterials may help improving the transmission through a waveguide bend, and that the scattering parameters may be completely independent of the specific arrangement of the inclusions and of the granularity of the crystal. The proposed concepts are numerically demonstrated at microwaves with a metamaterial realistic realization based on an artificial plasma.
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Journal Article
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Copyright American Physical Society. Reprinted from Physical Review B, Volume 75, Article 075119, February 2007, 10 pages.
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  • metamaterials,
  • optical design techniques,
  • optical materials,
  • permittivity,
  • inclusions,
  • magnetic permeability,
  • granular structure,
  • crystal structure
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Mário Silveirinha and Nader Engheta. "Design of matched zero-index metamaterials using nonmagnetic inclusions in epsilon-near-zero media" (2007)
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