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Enhancing Research Visibility and Improving Citations: Publication Marketing Tools
Malaysian Postgraduate Workshop Series (MPWS) (2013)
  • Nader Ale Ebrahim
Publishing a high quality paper in scientific journals is only the mid point towards receiving citation in the future. The balance of the journey is completed by advertising and disseminating the publications by using the proper “Research Tools”. Familiarity with the tools allows the researchers to increase their h-index in a short time. H-index shows the academicians influence in the specified field of research. Therefore, an academician with a higher level of h-index is deemed to have publications of higher quality resulting in higher citations. The number of citations contributes to over 30% in the university rankings. Therefore, most of the scientists are looking for an effective method to increase their citation record. Nader has developed and introduced a method for increasing the visibility of the research which directly affects on the number of citations.
  • h-index,
  • Increase citations,
  • Research tools
Publication Date
September 8, 2013
Citation Information
Nader Ale Ebrahim. "Enhancing Research Visibility and Improving Citations: Publication Marketing Tools" Malaysian Postgraduate Workshop Series (MPWS) (2013)
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