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Virtual Marketing in Virtual Enterprises
  • Nader Ale Ebrahim
  • Hamid A. Fattahi
  • Arash Golnam
Virtualization caused tremendous evolution in the economics of marketing channels, patterns of physical distribution and the structure of distributors and developed a new concept that is known as virtual marketing (VM). VM combines the powerful technologies of interactive marketing and virtual reality. Virtual enterprise (VE) refers to an organization not having a clear physical locus. In other words, VE is an organization distributed geographically and whose work is coordinated through electronic communications." It should be mentioned that here VE encompasses all other similar phrases like Virtual company, virtual corporation, etc. One of the greatest challenges facing business owners and managers – both for traditional and virtual organizations- is finding a way to cost−effectively communicate frequently and consistently with their target markets; and the virtual marketing perform this function at the best possible. In this paper, we focus on the concept of “Virtual marketing in virtual enterprises”.
  • virtuality,
  • Virtual marketing,
  • virtual enterprise
Publication Date
January 22, 2008
Citation Information
Ale Ebrahim N., Fattahi H.A., Golnam A. (2008 ) Virtual Marketing in Virtual Enterprises, 2nd International Marketing Management conference, Tehran, Iran. pp. 1-12.