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How to Enhance Research Visibility & Citations
Pharmacology Department Journal Club Seminar Series (2014)
  • Nader Ale Ebrahim
Increase your research visibility in the academic world in order to receive comments and citations from fellow researchers across the globe, is essential. Because, The number of citations contributes to over 30% in the university rankings. Therefore, most of the scientists are looking for an effective method to increase their citation record. Publishing a high quality paper in scientific journals is only the mid point towards receiving citation in the future. The balance of the journey is completed by advertising and disseminating the publications by using the proper “Research Tools”. Nader who has developed a method for increasing the visibility of the research, will get you familiar with the tools you need in order to grow your research visibility and raise the impact of research.
  • H-index,
  • Improve citations,
  • Research tools,
  • Bibliometrics
Publication Date
May 14, 2014
Citation Information
Nader Ale Ebrahim. "How to Enhance Research Visibility & Citations" Pharmacology Department Journal Club Seminar Series. Lecture Hall , Pharmacology Department, Faculty of Medicine., University of Malaya. May. 2014. Available at: