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Poisoning in children: 22 years’ experience from a tertiary care center in Karachi, Pakistan
AKU Symposium
  • Nadeemullah Khan, Aga Khan University
  • Najia Ali, Aga Khan University
  • Kiran Ejaz, Aga Khan University
  • Jabeen Fayyaz, Aga Khan University
  • Asher Feroze, Aga Khan University
  • Uzma Rahim Khan, Aga Kahn University
Auditorium Pond Side
Start Date
26-2-2014 10:30 AM
Objective: To determine the nature of agents involved in poisoning in pediatric patients < 16 years; its clinical presentation and outcome, over a period of 22 years in an emergency department (ED) of tertiary care hospital of Karachi, Pakistan. Methods: This retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted over a time period of 22 years from January 1989 to December 2010 and included all pediatric (< 16 years) poisoning cases presenting to the Emergency Department of the Aga Khan University Hospital. Data collection from patient files was carried out using the case record forms. The charts of all pediatric patients who were admitted with a diagnosis of any poisoning during the study period of 22 years (1989-2010) were reviewed retrospectively. Results: A total of 243 pediatric cases were admitted during the study period. Fifty six percent (136) males and forty four percent (107) were females. The time taken by patients from incidence to presentation was < one hour in (73) 30% and > one hour in 170 (70%). Most common substance involved was prescription medicine 64 (26.3%), hydrocarbons 56 (23%) and pesticides in 33 (13.6%) of the cases. Moreover, fluid and tablets were the most commonly used substances 127 (52.3%) and 96 (39.5) respectively. While out of the total pediatric poisoning cases 205 (84.4%) were unintended. Conclusion: Prescription medications, hydrocarbons and pesticides are the most common agents used by pediatrics for poisoning in Pakistan, requiring ED supervision and subsequent admissions Keywords: toxicology, Emergency, Karachi, Pakistan
Citation Information
Nadeemullah Khan, Najia Ali, Kiran Ejaz, Jabeen Fayyaz, et al.. "Poisoning in children: 22 years’ experience from a tertiary care center in Karachi, Pakistan" (2014)
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