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The influence of health locus of control on the patient-provider relationship
Psychology, Health and Medicine
  • A.M. Brincks
  • D.J. Feaster
  • Myron J. Burns, Nova Southeastern University
  • V.B. Mitrani
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The physician-patient relationship is important to the successful delivery of health care. Health locus of control (HLOC) of the patient, the extent to which individuals attribute their health to their own actions or to external agents, may affect the patient-provider relationship. This study examined the influences of HIV and HLOC on trust in physician among a population of predominantly minority women and their family members. Powerful others HLOC demonstrated a positive relationship with trust in physician and chance HLOC had a negative relationship with trust in physician. HIV moderated both of these relationships.
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A.M. Brincks, D.J. Feaster, Myron J. Burns and V.B. Mitrani. "The influence of health locus of control on the patient-provider relationship" Psychology, Health and Medicine Vol. 15 Iss. 6 (2010) p. 720 - 728 ISSN: 1354-8506
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