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About Dr Myrna A Deseo

Dr Myrna Deseo BSc(Phillipines), PhD(SCU)
Myrna A. Deseo is an analytical and natural products chemist, skilled on different chromatographic techniques and structure elucidation using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. She has led various plant- and food-based projects both for the industry and academe and her more than 20 years of research experience has provided her expertise in project management and intellectual property management.
Myrna's concluded research funded by the CRC for Sugar Industry Innovation through Biotechnology (CRCSIIB) led to the development of GI-Wise™, which can lower the glycemic index of food. GI-Wise™ ( was extracted from sugarcane after the milling process and can find applications in the nutraceutical and food industries.
Her current research is on the phytochemical diversity in coffee and bush tomato, and how these metabolites can be used to develop tools to assess food quality.


Present Adjunct Lecturer, Southern Cross University School of Environment, Science and Engineering


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