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About Suad Fahad AlFuraih

IT consultant;
Wife , mother of 4 , celiac disease patient , founder of the Kuwaiti celiac awareness team -non profit- organization
wrote my story with celiac
mama what is celiac
and 5 other books

Research Interests

IT Consultant at Public Authority for Industry 2000 to present, Honorary PhD Holder, Counselor to PAI’ Vice Director General of Admin. & Finance. Qualifications : Education : Bachelor of computer science , Mathematical Statistics andAccounting at KUWAIT UNIVERSITY Masters in Business Administration & Management, Management at brooks ville university NLP Diploma from the Canadian training Center of Neuro Linguistic Programming . Higher studies in leadership and sustainability from Robert Kennedy University. Project Manager of the tender To Establish the first Oracle,UNIX, WAN & LAN in Public Authority for Industry 1998, and associated software systems. Had many Training Courses : computer languages, administration skills,NLP, human sciences…. etc OTHER ACCOMPLISHMENTS : Managing Celiac since 27 September 2008 :Researcher through internet about studies Regarding : celiac, gluten, hidden gluten , associated condition ,….. others Wrote the first Book in Arabic to help patients :cooping, dealing , living with the disease , describing symptoms – related conditions – testing for- some recipes – safe & non safe ingredients….). Wrote the first kids story about celiac in Arabic to help mothers explain CD to their children. Wrote the first Book in Arabic to help teen agers coop with the disease. Speaker about celiac awareness in Kuwait and other countries. Founder of Kuwaiti celiac patients support group (KCPSG) 2010 Founder of face book group Q8 Celiac Union – Also available On twitter 2010 15 APR Launched the blog Of قصتـــي مع السليــاك INITIATED celiac – awareness IN KUWAIT 30 /12 /2009 Translated many studies ,Wrote: many articles awaring form Celiac: newspapers, magazines , TV’s , radio Deputy manager of king Khalid hospital -king Saud university in Riyadh : Jan 2010 – Jan 2011 Was supervising (ask your doctor ) at in 2009 Founder & Head of the Kuwaiti Celiac Awareness Voluntary Team KVCAT at Voluntary Work Center Classified as VIP in the Arabic Guide for figures Additional Areas of EXPERIENCE: Head, computer subsection ,environmental protection center 1987 Head of computer division , public Authority for industry 1993 Presented Proposal studies to : MGRP 1999 Presented Proposal studies to: foreign Investment Office 2000

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Honors and Awards

  • Honorary PhD in social work
  • وسام الكويت ذو الوشاح من الدرجة الأولى
  • دروع تكريمية متعددة من جهات حكومية محلية و عربية


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