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Unpublished Paper
ARRB Microfiche Production and Archiving and Its Role in the ARRB Information System
Discussion Notes (1979)
  • Marcus R Wigan
ARRB publications and internal reports are now held in archival form on 24X microfiche as A6 diazo sheets with a readable heading strip. This permits reliable, cheap, and ready access to copies of out of print materials produced over the period 1960 to date, and is also a comprehensive reference system for all current (as at 1979) ARRB published material including Internal, Research and Special Reports, Proceedings of Conferences and other meetings, and the Board's quarterly journal Australian Road Research. This archive now makes possible comprehensive reference use of scarce printed materials in a cheap and economic medium for prompt servicing of internal and external users, at substantial savings in copying and mailing costs. The procedures used, and standards adopted, are covered. The use of Computer Output Microfiche techniques provide similar support for computer documentation, support and software release is also specified and the place of microfiche as a medium within the spectrum of ARRB document production and distribution is discussed.
  • archive,
  • document,
  • microfiche,
  • standards,
  • quality,
  • ocr recvovery,
  • III
Publication Date
Spring September 3, 1979
This background effort brought into assured accessibility, access, and reproducability every document of record created by the ARRB from its inception, and brought them all into archival and accessible form. The entire output fitted into a small briefcase with a hand reader, which was subsequently carried around the world by the Executive Director.Great care was taken in QA, and as a result the silver halide [long term archival quality]masters were retained, and the first generation copies met the highest standards. Some were created using the Leigh Mardon III COM system, and tests proved that OCR was readily possible for the 50+ frame computer codes also passed through this process(these will be separately documented shortly (2018) with proper metadata as a matter of historical archiving practice.All fiche were personally checked fro quality by the author, then, and in the subsequent standard ARRB practice that followed for many years. It is sad to have to record that the Archival Quality Silver Halide Masters were not secured and retained by the ARRB when this practice ended and are lost. However, a complete set of first generation microfiche was been donated to the Victorian State Library. These are of very high quality, but do not have the very long term archival survival assurance of the silver halide masters.
Citation Information
Wigan, M.R. (1979) ARRB Microfiche Production and Archiving and Its Role in the ARRB Information System, Discussion Note 263, September, 30pp.