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Technology Enhancement - A full role for the elderly (PDF of the Powerpoint)
Melbourne Graduate House (2014)
  • Marcus R Wigan, Oxford Systematics
Complementary to the audio recording. Covers dependency models of the elderly, co-design, and illustrates directions neglected due to the extensive use of dependency models and stereotypes of the elderly. Highlights the under representation of the elderly in governance in their own interests as an issue needing addressing.
  • elderly,
  • assistive technologies
Publication Date
Spring October 14, 2014
Key focus was the lack of Governance participation but a wide enough range of the (expert) elderly..the stereotyping has become very unproductive, and has led to a wide range of technical products being ruled out by regulations or lack of co deign participation. The event was Video Recorded and these two entries are complementary
Citation Information
Marcus R Wigan. "Technology Enhancement - A full role for the elderly (PDF of the Powerpoint)" Melbourne Graduate House (2014)
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