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Unpublished Paper
Management of Arabic Manuscripts Collection in Selected States of Northern Nigeria
  • Musa Salih Muhammad
Arabic manuscripts heritage in Nigeria is considered a treasure trove of source materials on the cultural life of Nigeria and indeed a window on Nigerian society. The thesis identified a number of locations where Arabic manuscripts are preserved the core issue addressed is the question of Management and Access Policies for Arabic Manuscript Resources in Nigeria. The thesis attempts to discuss the context within which policies regarding Management of Arabic manuscript resources become imperative in the process of effective utilization of these resources as a veritable source of new knowledge. It discusses management and access not only as necessary elements for effective utilization, but also as preconditions for enhancing and sustaining the intrinsic value in these resources. It also presents the elements considered necessary in the formulation, implementation and review of such policies. The thesis concludes by proposing a mechanism that will ensure sustainability in the implementation and periodic review of these policies.
Publication Date
Winter January 17, 2011
Citation Information
Musa Salih Muhammad. "Management of Arabic Manuscripts Collection in Selected States of Northern Nigeria" (2011)
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