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Laying a Foundation of Leadership
  • J. Murray Murdoch, Cedarville University
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Although Cedarville College was founded in 1887, a turning point in the institution’s history came when the trustees of the Baptist Bible Institute of Cleveland assumed institutional control. It was in 1953 that James T. Jeremiah, a young pastor in Dayton, began his long association with the College. For 47 years, Jeremiah served as “Mr. Cedarville.” He assumed the office of acting president somewhat reluctantly, but once the position was his, he committed himself totally to the task of providing Christian students, especially those from Baptist homes, a place to gain their education from those who shared their worldview. The following is an extract from “Cedarville College: A Century of Commitment,” a history of Cedarville College, published in 1987 by Dr. J. Murray Murdoch. We pick up Dr. Murdoch’s narrative in 1953, just after the transition from Presbyterian to Baptist leadership was finalized. As the narrative shows, the challenges faced by James T. Jeremiah and his administrative supporters were formidable. The legacy of leadership Jeremiah provided during this early period of Baptist administration is one of ardor, dedication, and perseverance.
  • History of Cedarville College,
  • James T. Jeremiah

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J. Murray Murdoch. "Laying a Foundation of Leadership" Torch Vol. 22 Iss. 3 (2000) p. 4 - 16
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