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Opportunity, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, A Meta-Theory Vol. 2:
  • Murray Hunter

Today, entrepreneurship is one of the most written about topics in the field of business, but in general opportunity has not been seen to directly drive the firm's strategies, capabilities, and resources. This book attempts to bring the concept of opportunity into mainstream discussion and consideration by presenting a meta-theory which dissects all the elements of opportunity, so this phenomenon can be better understood. Volume two is concerned the environment, strategy and the firm. This volume will explain that all opportunities must have a basis of leverage into the competitive environment. Strategy should be built directly upon the source of opportunity rather than the historical successes of a firm. For strategy to have maximum effectiveness, resources, capabilities and networks should be configured to support the strategy. Finally, a meta-theory is presented as a framework of opportunity where the reader can clearly see the individual elements and interrelationships of any potential opportunity

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Nova Science Publishers
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Murray Hunter. Opportunity, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, A Meta-Theory Vol. 2:. New York(2011)
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