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Opportunity, Strategy and Entrepreneurship: A Meta-Theory Vol. 1:
  • Murray Hunter

Today, entrepreneurship is one of the most written about topics in the field of business, but in general opportunity has not been seen to directly drive the firm's strategies, capabilities, and resources. This book attempts to bring the concept of opportunity into mainstream discussion and consideration by presenting a meta-theory which dissects all the elements of opportunity, so this phenomenon can be better understood. The first volume looks at the nature of opportunity and considers how opportunity is closely linked with our society's development, and how innovations today will lay the foundation for further opportunities in the future. The book continues on to discuss how our attitudes, biases and mental maps have great influence upon how we see opportunity. Volume one finishes with a chapter discussing how creativity is vital to making connections between the environment and our own experience and prior knowledge. Creativity and the ability to make connections are more important than intelligence in seeing opportunity.

  • Opportunity,
  • entrepreneurship
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Nova Science Publishers
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Murray Hunter. Opportunity, Strategy and Entrepreneurship: A Meta-Theory Vol. 1:. New York(2011)
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