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Turkish Foreign Policy under Regional Transformations
Al Jazeera Center for Studies (2013)
  • Murat Yesiltas, Sakarya University
  • İsmail Numan Telci, Sakarya University
Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East has been facing a number of new obstacles as a direct or indirect result of the Arab spring. This is not the first time that Turkey’s regional policies are challenged by factors that are not originating from Ankara. As it was the case in the past challenges as well, Turkish foreign policy architects have been introducing fresh policy tools that would limit the negative effects of the Arab spring to Ankara’s regional aspirations. In light of the recent developments in the region, this report is an attempt to analyze how Turkish foreign policy is shaped when it is faced with confrontations as a result of regional transformations. The dynamics that affect Turkish foreign policy in these processes are also investigated.
  • Turkish Foreign Policy and Arab Spring,
  • Regional Transformation
Publication Date
Winter December 15, 2013
Citation Information
Murat Yesiltas and İsmail Numan Telci. "Turkish Foreign Policy under Regional Transformations" Al Jazeera Center for Studies (2013)
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