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What is Enlightenment? An Islamic Perspective
Journal of Religion and Society (2014)
  • Muqtedar Khan, University of Delaware

This essay draws on Immanuel Kant’s concept of enlightenment as an escape from self- imposed ignorance and argues that a similar concept of enlightenment can be understood within the Muslim context as escape from self-imposed jahiliyyah, which is understood as fear to exercise reason publicly. The article advocates for ijtihad, is critical of Taqlid, and invokes Islamic sources to invest confidence in contemporary use of reason for interpreting Islam.

  • Islam,
  • Enlightenment,
  • Quran,
  • Muhammad,
  • Taqlid,
  • Ijtihad
Publication Date
Fall September, 2014
Citation Information
Muqtedar Khan. "What is Enlightenment? An Islamic Perspective" Journal of Religion and Society Vol. 16 (2014)
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