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Unpublished Paper
  • Mulyana Taslim
The purpose of this study is to determinants of a firm’s profitability in Food and Beverage Industry that listed in Bursa Malaysia. This study basically identify the impact of a specific firm factors that may contribute to the profitability of the company. Whereby, the main company that used as a model for Food and Beverage Industry is Oriental Food Industry Holding Berhad, which all the annual report have been analyze from 5 consecutive year 2011 until 2015 to obtain the data. The firm specific factors is including Board of Director Remuneration, Firm’s size (Total Asset), Leverage, Average Collection Period (Credit/Counterparty Risk), Liquidity Risk (Quick Ratio), Operational Risk (Operating Risk). Other than that, GDP and Inflation also have been used as an external factors. Therefore, the correlation analysis shows there are a positive relationship between Board of Director Remuneration, Firm’s size, Liquidity Risk and Credit/Counterparty Risk with profitability. However, a negative relationship have been found between Leverage, Operating Risk, GDP and Inflation with the company's profitability.
  • Credit Risk,
  • Liquidity Risk,
  • Profitability and Macroeconomics.
Publication Date
Spring April 17, 2017
Citation Information
Mulyana Taslim. "ORIETAL FOOD INDUSTRY BERHAD.pdf" (2017)
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