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Suicide Attacks and Islamic law
  • Muhammad Munir, Dr., International Islamic University, Islamabad

Suicide attacks are a recurrent feature of many conflicts. Whereas warfare heroism and martyrdom are allowed in certain circumstances in times of war, a suicide bomber might be committing at least five crimes according to Islamic law, namely killing civilians, mutilating their bodies, violating the trust of enemy soldiers and civilians, committing suicide, and destroying civilian objects or properties. The author examines such attacks from an Islamic jus in bello perspective.

  • suicide attacks,
  • Islamic law and suicide attacks,
  • fatwas about suicide attacks,
  • Sheikh Qaradawi on suicide attacks,
  • analysis of the fatwas of Muslim scholars,
  • perfidy,
  • Shaybani,
  • Islamic jus in bello
Publication Date
Spring March 31, 2008
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Citation Information
Muhammad Munir. "Suicide Attacks and Islamic law" (2008)
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