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Fibre reinforcing concrete columns
Faculty of Engineering - Papers (Archive)
  • Muhammad N. S Hadi, University of Wollongong
  • Denis Montgomery, University of Wollongong
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Hadi, M. N. & Montgomery, D. (2005). Fibre reinforcing concrete columns. In N. Banthia, T. Uomoto, A. Bentur & S. Shah (Eds.), Proceedings of ConMat '05 and Mindess Symposium: Construction Materials (pp. 1-10). Canada: University of British Columbia.

This paper explores the effects of adding steel fibres to high-strength reinforced concrete columns and in particular only to the cover of the columns. An experimental program was conducted where seven circular reinforced concrete columns were tested with varying fibre content - one contained no fibres, three contained fibres throughout the cross-section and three contained fibres only in the outer concrete. The other column properties were kept the same for all the seven columns. All seven columns were tested by the application of a concentric, axial compression force. It was found that although only minor improvements were noticeable fora fibre content of 1%, the addition of 1.5% and 2% steel fibres increased the load at which cover spalling took place. It was also found that the columns containing both FHSC (fibrous high strength concrete) in the outer concrete and HSC in the core exhibited higher levels of ductility than the columns containing FHSC throughout the entire cross-section.
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International Conference on Construction Materials
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Muhammad N. S Hadi and Denis Montgomery. "Fibre reinforcing concrete columns" (2005) p. 1 - 10
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