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Unpublished Paper
CG Individual Assignment.pdf
  • Muhammad Asyraf, Universiti Utara Malaysia
The main purpose of this analysis to study corporate governance and its impact in firm performance and risk of the company Petronas Gas Berhad. Since in the annual report provide a financial performance and the information about corporate governance in the company. This study about the financial performance since 2011 until 2015 that we can conclude our regression analysis shows that the impact in firm performance and risk of the company by using SSPS application. Then, for the financial trending analysis, ROA are relatively relationship with leverage, total assets, average collection period, current ratio, and ROE. At the end of the analysis, it can be seen that the effect of financial performance accordance to the corporate governance structure in the company.
  • Credit risk,
  • liquidity risk,
  • profitability,
  • and microeconomics
Publication Date
Spring April 17, 2017
Citation Information
Muhammad Asyraf. "CG Individual Assignment.pdf" (2017)
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