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And Power Corrupts…: Theology and the Disciplinary Matrix of Bioethics
Handbook of Bioethics and Religion
  • M. Therese Lysaught, Marquette University
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Contribution to Book
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31 p.
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Oxford University Press

What role should religion play in a religiously pluralistic liberal society? Public bioethics unavoidably raises this question in a particularly insistent fashion. As the 20 papers in this collection demonstrate, the issues are complex and multifaceted. The authors address specific and highly contested issues as assisted suicide, stem cell research, cloning, reproductive health, and alternative medicine as well as more general questions such as who legitimately speaks for religion in public bioethics, what religion can add to our understanding of justice, and the value of faith-based contributions to healthcare. Christian (Catholic and Protestant), Jewish, Islamic, and Buddhist viewpoints are represented. The first book to focus on the interface of religion and bioethics, this collection fills a significant void in the literature.


Published version. "And Power Corrupts…: Theology and the Disciplinary Matrix of Bioethics," in Handbook of Bioethics and Religion. Ed. David E. Guinn. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006: 93-123. Publisher Link. © 2006 Oxford University Press, Inc. Used with permission.

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M. Therese Lysaught. "And Power Corrupts…: Theology and the Disciplinary Matrix of Bioethics" Handbook of Bioethics and Religion (2006) ISSN: 9780195178739
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