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ILS Disruption: AI, VR and the Blockchain
Amigos Reimagining the ILS (2016)
  • M Ryan Hess, DePaul University
Once again, the library paradigm will be upended as a new wave of technologies arrive. Artificial Intelligence is already altering the ways people interact with and query information. Early forms of Virtual Reality are just becoming available to the public but may transform the ways people work, socialize and experience information. The Blockchain, the technology behind digital currencies like Bitcoin, has the potential of altering the way any transaction is handled. Each of these has the potential to disrupt the way libraries do business and will likely impact the future of ILS technologies. In this talk, we will explore the current state of AI, VR and the Blockchain and consider how they will alter the touch points between the ILS and our users.
  • artificial intelligence,
  • blockchain,
  • bitcoin,
  • virtual reality,
  • libraries,
  • augmented reality,
  • ipfs,
  • internplanetary files system,
  • integrated library systems
Publication Date
October 15, 2016
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M Ryan Hess. "ILS Disruption: AI, VR and the Blockchain" Amigos Reimagining the ILS (2016)
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