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Make Your Library a Privacy and Security Resource
Library 2.016 (2016)
  • M Ryan Hess
Everyone wants your data. Government agents, criminals and hackers are exploiting holes in the Internet but also the general lack of public awareness or outright ambivalence toward protecting personal data. But being careful can be easy without giving up many of the conveniences and user experiences people expect. Libraries have traditionally played a role in defending privacy and securing our intellectual data from those that wish to snoop. In this tour of privacy and security tools, librarians can dip their toe in the emerging ecosystem of web services and best practices such as VPN services, password managers, encrypted email and text and better social networking habits that can make everyone safe and secure. These tools and tips can then be shared through new services, programming and patron interactions at your library.
  • privacy,
  • online security,
  • libraries,
  • internet,
  • hacking
Publication Date
March 16, 2016
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M Ryan Hess. "Make Your Library a Privacy and Security Resource" Library 2.016 (2016)
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