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Aluminum Nitride Reconfigurable RF-MEMS Front-Ends
2011 IEEE 9th International Conference on ASIC (ASICON 2011) (2011)
  • Augusto Tazzoli, University of Pennsylvania
  • Matteo Rinaldi, University of Pennsylvania
  • Chengjie Zuo, University of Pennsylvania
  • Nipun Sinha, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jan Van der Spiegel, University of Pennsylvania
  • Gianluca Piazza, University of Pennsylvania
Aluminum Nitride based piezoelectric microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology has the potential to develop a fully integrated radio frequency (RF) platform that satisfies the requirements of next-generation communication standards: reconfigurability, miniaturization, and low power consumption. Here we report on the recent developments of this AlN thin-film based technology, namely resonators, filters, oscillators and switches. These examples highlight how MEMS will enable the mass manufacturing of reconfigurable RF front-ends.
Publication Date
October, 2011
Citation Information
Augusto Tazzoli, Matteo Rinaldi, Chengjie Zuo, Nipun Sinha, et al.. "Aluminum Nitride Reconfigurable RF-MEMS Front-Ends" 2011 IEEE 9th International Conference on ASIC (ASICON 2011) (2011)
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