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Participatory Research and Community Youth Development
Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship (2008)
  • Moya L. Alfonso, Georgia Southern University
  • Karen Bogues
  • Meredith Russo
  • Kelli McCormack-Brown, University of South Florida
This article reports a case study of community-based participatory action research conducted as a community youth development activity, demonstrating a trend toward engaging youth in youth development efforts. The project actively engaged middle school youth in their communities and offered an avenue through which they could contribute to matters of importance to them. Youth are presented as stakeholders in the research process. Concrete strategies for collaborating with youth are described and evaluated.
  • Community-based,
  • Youth,
  • Middle school
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Citation Information
Moya L. Alfonso, Karen Bogues, Meredith Russo and Kelli McCormack-Brown. "Participatory Research and Community Youth Development" Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship Vol. 1 Iss. 1 (2008)
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