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Increasing Physical Activity in Children 8 to 12 Years Old: Experiences with VERB™ Summer Scorecard
Perceptual and Motor Skills (2010)
  • Robert J. McDermott, University of South Florida
  • Jenna L. Davis, University of South Florida
  • Carol A. Bryant, University of South Florida
  • Anita H. Courtney, University of South Florida
  • Moya L. Alfonso, Georgia Southern University
Interventions which facilitate physical activity of youth are vital for promoting community health and reducing obesity. This study assessed the results of a community-driven program, VERB™ Summer Scorecard, as knowledge of exposure to and awareness of community-based interventions for physical activity among youth could inform design and implementation of such interventions. A total of 2,215 youth ages 8 to 12 years responded to a survey about physical activity. Ordinal logistic regression suggested that youth who participated in this program were 1.73 times (95% CI = 1.41, 2.11) more likely to report high physical activity than nonparticipating youth 9 mo. after the intervention's first full-scale application. The program appeared to appeal more to girls than boys. Such results are encouraging for use in communities
  • Physical activity,
  • Community health,
  • VERB,
  • Reducing obesity
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Robert J. McDermott, Jenna L. Davis, Carol A. Bryant, Anita H. Courtney, et al.. "Increasing Physical Activity in Children 8 to 12 Years Old: Experiences with VERB™ Summer Scorecard" Perceptual and Motor Skills Vol. 111 Iss. 1 (2010)
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