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Verb Summer Scorecard: Increasing Tween Girls’ Vigorous Physical Activity
Journal of School Health
  • Moya L. Alfonso, Georgia Southern University
  • Zachary Thompson, University of South Florida
  • Robert J. McDermott, University of South Florida
  • Gavin Colquitt, Georgia Southern University
  • Jeffery A. Jones, University of Kentucky
  • Carol A. Bryant, University of South Florida
  • Courtney H. Anita, University of South Florida
  • Jenna L. Davis, University of South Florida
  • Yiliang Zhu, University of South Florida
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Objective: We assessed changes in the frequency of self-reported physical activity (PA) among tween girls exposed and not exposed to the VERB™ Summer Scorecard (VSS) intervention in Lexington, Kentucky, during 2004, 2006, and 2007.

Methods: Girls who reported 0-1 day per week of PA were classified as having little or no PA. Girls who reported 2-3 days of PA were classified as low PA performers; 4-5 days of PA were labeled as moderate performers; and 6-7 days of PA were identified as high performers. Logit regression analysis of survey data from girls identified trends in PA frequency across time.

Results: In 2004, participant girls were more likely than girls unfamiliar with VSS (reference group girls) to report high frequency of PA (OR = 1.44, CI = 1.18, 1.70). In 2006, participants were statistically less likely than reference group girls to report low frequency of PA (OR = 1.75, CI = 1.33, 2.21). In 2007, VSS participants were consistently more likely to report moderate frequency (OR = 1.56, CI = 1.35, 1.77) and high frequency of PA (OR = 1.44, CI = 1.24, 1.64) than reference group girls.

Conclusion: An innovative, community-driven intervention demonstrated promise for increasing PA among tween girls. VSS may have transportability to other communities to help reverse the secular trend of declining PA for this population segment.

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Moya L. Alfonso, Zachary Thompson, Robert J. McDermott, Gavin Colquitt, et al.. "Verb Summer Scorecard: Increasing Tween Girls’ Vigorous Physical Activity" Journal of School Health Vol. 83 Iss. 3 (2013) p. 164 - 170
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