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Photovoice: The Effects of Service Learning on Student Outcomes
SoTL Commons Conference
  • Moya L. Alfonso, Georgia Southern University
Proposal Abstract
Little is known about the use of service learning in public health education and appropriate methods for assessing whether it results in increased uptake of public health competencies. The purpose of this presentation is to present the results of a pilot study designed to determine whether Photovoice, a participatory action research method that utilizes photography, is a feasible and valid approach to assessing the effects of service learning on master’s level community health students’ perceived learning gains and self-efficacy. A concurrent mixed methods design using individual interviews and surveys were used to compare perceived outcomes. Results from the interviews and group discussion were combined into a summary which was compared to survey results for validity purposes. Similarities across methods provided evidence of the validity of Photovoice as a service learning assessment tool. The poster will engage attendees through the extensive use of tables, figures, and illustrative photographs. The following learning outcomes will be met: Attendees will be able to discuss an innovative approach to assessing service learning outcomes. Attendees will recognize the need to use feasible and valid approaches to the assessment of service learning outcomes. Attendees will be familiar with the steps in the Photovoice process.
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Presentation (Open Access)
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Moya L. Alfonso. "Photovoice: The Effects of Service Learning on Student Outcomes" (2015)
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