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Fine-Grained Reliability for V2V Communications around Suburban and Urban Intersections
ArXiv Technical Report (2017)
  • Dr. Mouhamed Abdulla, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden
  • Prof. Henk Wymeersch, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden
Safe transportation is a key use-case of the 5G/LTE Rel.15+ communications, where an end-to-end reliability of 0.99999 is expected for a vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) transmission distance of 100-200 m. Since communications reliability is related to road-safety, it is crucial to verify the fulfillment of the performance, especially for accident-prone areas such as intersections. We derive closed-form expressions for the V2V transmission reliability near suburban corners and urban intersections over finite interference regions. The analysis is based on plausible street configurations, traffic scenarios, and empirically-supported channel propagation. We show the means by which the performance metric can serve as a preliminary design tool to meet a target reliability. We then apply meta distribution concepts to provide a careful dissection of V2V communications reliability. Contrary to existing work on infinite roads, when we consider finite road segments for practical deployment, fine-grained reliability per realization exhibits bimodal behavior. Either performance for a certain vehicular traffic scenario is very reliable or extremely unreliable, but nowhere in relatively proximity to the average performance. In other words, standard SINR-based average performance metrics are analytically accurate but can be insufficient from a practical viewpoint. Investigating other safety-critical point process networks at the meta distribution-level may reveal similar discrepancies.
  • ITS,
  • V2X,
  • V2V,
  • C-V2X,
  • DSRC,
  • VANET,
  • 802.11p,
  • 5G,
  • LOS,
  • WLOS,
  • NLOS,
  • CAV,
  • URLLC,
  • H2020,
  • Intelligent Transportation System,
  • Connected Vehicles,
  • Vehicle-to-Everything,
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle,
  • Dedicated Short-Range Communication,
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Network,
  • Path Loss,
  • Propagation Model,
  • Channel Model,
  • Connected Vehicle,
  • Autonomous Vehicle,
  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicle,
  • Outage Probability,
  • Reliability,
  • Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication,
  • Stochastic Geometry,
  • Meta Distribution,
  • Road Safety,
  • Traffic Efficiency,
  • Urban Intersection,
  • Suburban Intersection,
  • Smart Intersection,
  • Intelligent Intersection,
  • Smart City,
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Publication Date
Summer July 1, 2017
Citation Information
M. Abdulla and H. Wymeersch, "Fine-Grained Reliability for V2V Communications around Suburban and Urban Intersections," ArXiv Technical Report, arXiv:1706.10011, pp. 1-27, Jul. 2017. Link:
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