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Rabbi Amram Bloi Founder of Neturi Karta Movement: An Abridged Biography
Hebrew Union College Annual (2010)
  • Motti Inbari, Dr., University of North Carolina at Pembroke

The chapter examines the life and approach of Rabbi Amram Blau (1886-1974), founder of the ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionist Neturei Karta sect. The chapter begins by presenting Blau’s plan to establish an agricultural settlement for families from the Old Yishuv to be situated on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The next section describes the establishment of Neturei Karta and its struggle to strengthen the Haredi enclave in Jerusalem, including the struggle for the Sabbath, the modesty campaigns, and Haredi education. The research will also identify new components in Amram Blau’s ongoing campaign against Zionism. In the field of Blau’s personal life, the chapter offers some fresh insights into the path that took him to the leadership of HaEda HaHaredit, and reveals documents that cast a new light on the scandal caused in his later life by his second marriage to the convert Ruth Ben David.

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Motti Inbari. "Rabbi Amram Bloi Founder of Neturi Karta Movement: An Abridged Biography" Hebrew Union College Annual Vol. 81 (2010)
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