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Jewish Fundametalism and the Temple Mount - Who Will Build the Third Temple? (SUNY Press)
  • Motti Inbari, Brandeis University
Examines radical and messianic movements in Israel seeking to rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

The Temple Mount, located in Jerusalem, is the most sacred site in Judaism and the third-most sacred site in Islam, after Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. The sacred nature of the site for both religions has made it one of the focal points of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Jewish Fundamentalism and the Temple Mount is an original and provocative study of the theological roots and historical circumstances that have given rise to the movement of the Temple Builders. Motti Inbari points to the Six Day War in 1967 as the watershed event: the Israeli victory in the war resurrected and intensified Temple-oriented messianic beliefs. Initially confined to relatively limited circles, more recent “land for peace” negotiations between Israel and its Arab neighbors have created theological shock waves, enabling some of the ideas of Temple Mount activists to gain wider public acceptance. Inbari also examines cooperation between Third Temple groups in Israel and fundamentalist Christian circles in the United States, and explains how such cooperation is possible and in what ways it is manifested.
  • Temple Mount,
  • Jewish Fundametalism,
  • Extreme religion
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SUNY Press
Israel Studies
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Motti Inbari. Jewish Fundametalism and the Temple Mount - Who Will Build the Third Temple? (SUNY Press). (2009)
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