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Thermodynamic Grain Size Stabilization Models: An Overview
Materials Research Letters
  • Mostafa Saber, Portland State University
  • Carl C. Koch, North Carolina State University
  • Ronald O. Scattergood, North Carolina State University
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  • Nanocrytals -- Research,
  • Nanocrystals -- Materials,
  • Grain boundaries
Grain boundaries in a nanocrystalline microstructure produce an increase in the excess free energy of the system. Grain growth is a consequence of the thermodynamic driving force reducing this excess. Thermodynamic stabilization is an approach based on eliminating the driving force by suitable alloy additions that can produce a metastable equilibrium state at the nanoscale grain size, as opposed to kinetic stabilization where the grain growth mobility is restricted by pinning and/or drag mechanisms. The present paper reviews and compares various models proposed for thermodynamic stabilization.

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Mostafa Saber, Carl C. Koch and Ronald O. Scattergood. "Thermodynamic Grain Size Stabilization Models: An Overview" Materials Research Letters (2015)
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