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Superior haptic perceptual selectivity in late-blind and very-low-vision subjects
Perception (2003)
  • Morton A. Heller, Eastern Illinois University
  • Deneen D. Brackett, Illinois State University

Blindfolded sighted, congenitally blind, late-blind, and very-low-vision subjects were tested on a tangible version of the embedded-figures test. The results of ANOVAs on accuracy measures yielded superior performance by the very-low-vision and late-blind subjects compared with the blindfolded sighted and congenitally blind participants. Accuracy of the congenitally blind subjects was similar to that of the blindfolded sighted participants. However, all groups of blind subjects were significantly faster than the blindfolded sighted subjects. It is suggested that experience with pictures combined with haptic skill aid perceptual selectivity in touch.

  • congenitally blind,
  • late-blind,
  • very-low-vision,
  • ANOVA,
  • experience with pictures,
  • haptic skill,
  • perceptual selectivity
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Morton A. Heller and Deneen D. Brackett. "Superior haptic perceptual selectivity in late-blind and very-low-vision subjects" Perception Vol. 32 (2003)
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