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Revisiting the Public Utility
Yale Journal on Regulation
  • Jim Rossi
  • Morgan Ricks
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  • public utility,
  • economic regulation,
  • price regulation,
  • innovation,
  • net neutrality

This foreword introduces "Revisiting the Public Utility," a series of essays published in a special issue of Yale Journal on Regulation. We cluster the contributions to this issue around public utility regulation’s core rationales and its scope, its implications for innovation and industry stability, and its evolving approach to price regulation. The scholarship represented in this issue challenges the notion that public utility ideas are obsolete or irrelevant to modern issues in economic regulation. It questions whether public utility regulation has fallen short of its goals, and shows that there are some good reasons to question many embedded regulatory practices. At the same time, the endeavor of revisiting the public utility demonstrates how public utility ideas remain foundational to many of modern regulatory law's tasks and aspirations.

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Jim Rossi and Morgan Ricks. "Revisiting the Public Utility" Yale Journal on Regulation Vol. 35 (2018) p. 711
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