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About Monica Haddad

Monica Haddad's scholarship is driven by environmental justice. Her research interests include four related themes: social justice, social development, environmental planning, and economic development. Because of the applied nature of her research, she usually develops case studies located in Brazil and the U.S. 


Present Associate Professor, Iowa State University Department of Community and Regional Planning

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Honors and Awards

  • 2020, Mar. 10-27. Invited research project – Social Dimension in GeoDesign.
  • 2018. Academic Advising Award. College of Design, Iowa State University.
  • 2017, Dec. Foreign Travel Grant to present a paper and to chair the session on ‘Spatial Analysis and Visualization’ at the conference GeoDesign South America. Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Iowa State University
  • Haddad, M., Caldwell, B., Kennis, A., & Chidister, M. (2016). Expanding Diversity Perspectives: A Curriculum Workshop. Iowa State University Women's and Diversity Grant Program Application,
  • 2015, Spring. Urban planning tools in Brazil: Moving towards environmental protection. Faculty Professional Development Assignment (Sabbatical).
  • 2015, Jan.-Apr. Foreign Travel Grant to be a Research Fellow at the Center for Latin America Research and Documentation, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Iowa State University,

Contact Information

Community and Regional Planning Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA 50011


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