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Colpa e legge fra Oriente e Occidente
Paradoxa (2009)
  • Pier Giuseppe Monateri, University of Turin
The Fault and the Law between East and West. In this article Monateri traces an unpreviewed parallel between two absolutely western paradigms and two remarkably chinese thoughts. First a parallel between Carl Schmitt and Xun Zi when the latter writes that “The superior man is the source of the Law” Secondo economic analysis and Lao Zi theory of law a san emerging order not a predetermined one.
  • China,
  • Carl Schmitt,
  • Colpa,
  • Law,
  • Economic Analysis,
  • Negligence
Publication Date
September, 2009
Citation Information
Pier Giuseppe Monateri. "Colpa e legge fra Oriente e Occidente" Paradoxa Vol. 3 Iss. 3 (2009)
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