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“Taj Hotels, Resorts, and Palaces,” HBS Case 9-511-039
Hindustan Business Review (2010)
  • Mona Sinha, Kennesaw State University
  • Rohit Deshpande, Harvard Business School
The Taj Hotels, Palaces, and Resorts introduced a new brand architecture to counter lack of differentiation and confused positioning of its mixed bag of brands. After launching an economy and an upscale brand, it dithered over the launch of its upper upscale and luxury brands. This case study illustrates the marketing and organizational challenges of a hybrid brand extension strategy that lies in between a 'house of brands' and a 'branded house'.
Publication Date
September 28, 2010
Citation Information
Mona Sinha and Rohit Deshpande. "“Taj Hotels, Resorts, and Palaces,” HBS Case 9-511-039" Hindustan Business Review (2010)
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